March 2021 – New production plant 4.0 in Cassano d’Adda

In March 2021 BENZI opened a new production plant located in the industrial area of ​​Cassano d’Adda, which, in addition to a futuristic painting system completely robotic and integrated with the company’s ERP system (you can find out more by clicking here!), Also hosts the commercial and executive offices of the group.

The new plant perfectly embodies the principles of the smart factory 4.0: this location is devoted entirely to automation, environmental sustainability and improving performance in managing orders for customers.

In the coming months, other departments will also be transferred to the Cassano d’Adda plant and will be integrated into the new headquarters in a 4.0 perspective, highlighting the technological progress that Benzi is proud to be making, both in terms of sustainability and in hiring new personnel to be part of the team.